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Breaking News from Worldwide Partners Community – Ingredion between US and Mexico

Published on 08 Nov 2016
Activamente, b2b agency of WordlwidePartners (WPI) - Mexico

Ingredion, a Slack and Company’s customer, now also partnering with Activamente for the Mexican market. The member of Worldwide Partners, Slack and Company, Chicago, is the world agency for Fortune 500, Ingredion. Among other missions, Slack and Company pilots the majority of their global marketing through Eloqua, a marketing automation platform. Looking for a B2B […]

Worldwide Partners, 10th international agency network gets out of the woods

Published on 08 Nov 2016

New CEO, new logo, new brand platform and especially new ambitions. The 10th worldwide network, managing $ 2.5 billion in global advertising expenditures, Worldwide Partners gets out of the woods and makes a promise to its clients: with its network agencies: “The world is yours”. Worldwide Partners is an agile and responsive global network of communication […]

Humor and Humanization in B2B Marketing

Published on 31 Oct 2016
Rim2016 Gary Slack

A question to Gary Slack, Chief Experience Officer of Slack & Company: B2B communication is usually considered as the less creative and enthusiastic possible, like if every buyer was a simple robot. Do you agree with that? Business-to-busines sometimes it would be called “boring” to “boring” marketing. Until recently, rational beings or computers or robots. […]

B2B and B2C Marketing will converge when pigs are flying

Published on 05 May 2016
There's no B2B and B2C marketing convergence

There’s a brand new trendy thought stating that B2B and B2C marketing are converging. It’s amazing how mixing signals leads to this controversy and wrong belief. Gary Slack, Chairman and CEO of Slack & Company, member of Worldwide Partners (our international B2B Network) stood up against this idea in an excellent article on B2B Marketing website. Why […]

Jabra turns up the volume through Inbound Marketing

Published on 23 Feb 2016

Jabra: at the heart of corporate transformation and professional uses. A new approach to help decision makers in their digital transformation and I their new working uses and generate a brand preference in a fast-changing market. The issue: While launching a major technological innovation and a new positioning on unified communication and digitalization markets, how to attract […]

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